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Ben Graf

Ben Graf is an artist of many musical styles, who's compositions range from solo folk-songs and acoustic instrumental pieces to larger orchestrations and full-band rock-outs! He masterfully blends electric and acoustic sounds with subtle textures to burning-hot guitar leads. Ben Graf and his band bring an exhilarating burst of entertainment to every show played, large or intimate, national or local! The performances skillfully blend an amalgam of timeless music and revivifying, self-penned numbers that always fall fresh on the ears of everyone in attendance. From hard-rockin' cuts and soulful blues tunes to gritty, down-home, Americana roots, Graf's music offers the gamut, from energetic to sentimental vibes with surprising congruency. Boasting powerhouse drumming, tasteful bass, and dual guitar artistry that launches out colors of harmony, this quartet invariably leaves audiences rapt and eager for the next appearance. Ben Graf's highly anticipated debut album is set for release in the near future!

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